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Instagram Do’s and Don’ts: Mistakes Can Hurt Your Business

I love Instagram. I really love it. It’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s unique and it is still so easy to get ORGANIC response from your posts. If you’re about to start using Instagram for your business as a marketing tool, there are few

6 Steps to Help you Get a Handle on your Social Media Presence

It happens so easily.  Something new and super fun makes a big splash in the world of social media, you hop on it with enthusiasm, and then a couple weeks go by and… well… remember that time problem? Yeah, turns out you might not have

How To Save Time and Create Amazing Social Media Posts

Social media takes time. Serious time. There’s posting, commenting, liking, engaging, following, creating – it’s enough to get even the most gung-ho girl or guy feeling seriously overwhelmed. I always say, first thing’s first: You

My top 5 Twitter Tips: How to Work It for You

Twitter is a confusing space to many small business owners, but it shouldn’t be! If you have a message or products that reaches broadly outside of the local market, then you should be using Twitter. It holds tremendous

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