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6 Steps to Help you Get a Handle on your Social Media Presence

It happens so easily.  Something new and super fun makes a big splash in the world of social media, you hop on it with enthusiasm, and then a couple weeks go by and… well… remember that time problem? Yeah, turns out you might not have enough time or strategy to jump on every shiny new social media engine that comes through the station. And what happens when you do? You might be left with little orphans all over the web with a myriad of business names and branding styles representing you, not to mention, a lack of content. Don’t let that happen.

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So, how do we fix this? A little spring cleaning. It’s audit time.

1. Make a list of each and every social media account you own

Note the name of the channel (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), the username, the url, # of followers, date of last post.

2. Inspect Your accounts

Are all areas filled out in complete accurate?

Do all website links work?

Can a customer easily find out how to get a hold of you?

Are there any broken or outdated apps linking from your page or account? If so, remove.

Who is in an Admin role? Do you need to remove or add anyone?

3. Review profile and cover images

Are all profile and cover image areas filled?

Do they represent your branding?

Is your logo up-to-date, crisp and consistent across all channels?

Is everything sized correctly?

4. Update passwords

It’s a good idea to update your passwords from time to time. While you’re at it, create a Password-Protected spreadsheet to file them all in one place.

5. Review your usernames

Usernames should be consistent. If you’re SmilePhotog on Twitter, you should be SmilePhotog on Instagram. A consistent naming structure will help your audience find you.

6. Check the url of your social media platforms

Have you claimed a url that matches your page name or username making it easy to link to? Or is it still a gobbly long mess of numbers? Find this option under Settings.

Any other steps you’d add to your social media spring cleaning to-do list?

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